By Mr. G. - Grantham on 14/12/2016

“The gutter repair service that we received from Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage was second to none. Juan and his team have done a great job. Thank you.”

Mr G. – Business owner – Grantham

One of the specialist services that we are able to provide at Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage is that of gutter repair.

The maintenance of guttering, downspouts and gullies is essential to the effective management of a building.

Carried out properly it will help to ensure that a property is protected from the damaging effects of rainwater by channelling it to drains and keeping it away from walls and foundations.

The Drain Doctor Peterborough office was contacted recently by Mr G., a Grantham-based business owner that had noticed damage to some sections of the guttering around his commercial property.

Using mobile telescopic platforms Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage service professionals were able to access the roof line of the buildings without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

The damaged sections of guttering were removed and replaced. All joints and seals were checked over and the entire run was cleaned using Guttervac to ensure that there were no blockages.

Gutter repair and maintenance contracts can be arranged for our commercial clients. Why not give us a call now on 01733 841037 to discuss your requirements?

Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage – the only name for gutter repair in the Peterborough area.