By Mr G - Peterborough on 28/11/2016

“Very professional service provided by Drain Doctor Peterborough. Their technician advised us what needed repairing and how much it would cost before starting work. Thank you.”

Mr G. – Peterborough

We were recently asked to attend a small business unit in the Peterborough area. The owner was concerned about the efficiency of the guttering and gullies following recent wet weather.

On arrival at the property, the Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional began by carrying out a Guttervac gutter clean service.

The telescopic boom, which can reach heights of up to 12 metres, is fitted with a small CCTV camera. Images transmitted from the camera enabled us to make sure that all leaf and other debris in the guttering was cleared away.

As the clean progressed it also became clear that there were sections of the guttering that had loosened and were coming away from the building.

The Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional advised the owner about the state of the guttering and provided a quote to carry out the repairs from our UK pricing menu.

Satisfied with the price and keen to get the work done as soon as possible we were instructed to make the repairs on the same visit.

Because all Drain Doctor Peterborough vans are kept fully equipped to deal with the majority of call-outs on the first visit, we were able to repair the guttering and leave another customer fully satisfied with their Drain Doctor treatment.

In an effort to help our commercial customers keep ahead of plumbing, drainage and guttering problems Drain Doctor Peterborough offers a range of scheduled preventative maintenance plans.

Why not contact our office on 01733 841037 to discuss how we can help to protect your business from unwanted emergency plumbing and drainage surprises?