By Mr. A. - St. Neots on 04/08/2016

“Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage have been so helpful. The repair to our gutters was carried out without any mess and the fixed price meant we knew exactly what we had to pay.”

Mr. A. – St. Neots

Looking after guttering and gullies is an essential part of building maintenance but is an area often overlooked by property owners.

Our office was contacted by Mr. A., who had been made aware of a growing patch of damp in one corner of a room that was rented out to tenants.

On further inspection, he had discovered a section of roof guttering that had become cracked. Water was escaping from the pipes, running down the rendered wall and seeping through the brickwork.

A Drain Doctor Peterborough technician was sent to the St. Neots property to inspect the guttering and provide a quote for carrying out any necessary repair work.

This fixed price covered all aspects of cleaning and repair meaning that Mr. A. was able to make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed with the work before it began.

The damaged section of guttering was removed and replaced with new and all joints were sealed and then checked for leaks.

Using Guttervac to clean out the entire guttering system, the Drain Doctor Peterborough technician was able to inspect the guttering and highlight any potential problem areas to Mr. A.

Guttervac is a powerful vacuum fitted with an on-board CCTV camera which relays live images to the ground from heights of up to 12 metres. This piece of equipment makes gutter cleaning very quick to carry out and leaves no mess behind.

For further information about our gutter repair and cleaning service in the Peterborough area contact the Drain Doctor Peterborough office on 01733 841037.