By Mr F. - Peterborough on 12/07/2017

“The level of service received from Drain Doctor Peterborough has been excellent from start to finish. The emergency plumbing response time was fast and the team member that came was really efficient. We will definitely recommend your service.”

Mr F. - Peterborough

At Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage it is our policy to get to the affected property within one hour of receiving an emergency plumbing call.

Our staff recognise the trauma that can be caused by a plumbing emergency and aim to resolve such issues as quickly as possible.

When the Drain Doctor Peterborough office received a call from Peterborough resident Mr F. it was clear that he was distressed. We were able to reassure the caller that help was on it’s way.

As soon as he was on site, our service professional quickly diagnosed a blocked soil vent pipe (SVP), which was causing the toilet to over-fill and flood the downstairs cloakroom.

Using high-pressure water jets below the site of the obstruction, the blockage was broken down and the debris washed away.

CCTV cameras were used to inspect the drainage system, with images revealing some damage to pipework immediately behind the SVP. This had caused waste from the toilet to gradually accumulate and eventually block up.

Once the blockage had been cleared, the toilet was able to flush correctly, however the problem would soon re-occur if the damage was not repaired soon.

The Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional prepared a quote for the suggested repair works and left it with the customer to decide when to proceed.

If you have a plumbing emergency at your property contact Drain Doctor Peterborough on 01733 841037 and let us provide the area’s most reliable emergency plumbing service.

Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage: we won’t let you down.