By Mr & Mrs K - Spalding on 02/03/2017

“When our shower drain blocked we called Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage. Juan and his emergency plumbing team were so helpful and were really quick to arrive. Thank you.”

Mr & Mrs K. - Spalding, nr Peterborough

The Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage office was contacted by Mr and Mrs K of Spalding when the shower drain in their wet room became blocked.

Shower water had filled the whole floor instead of draining away and threatened to flood the hallway beyond.

The Spalding resident admitted that he suspected that the problem had been building for quite some time but he put off getting the drains checked.

A Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional was sent out to the property on an emergency plumbing call and was on site within an hour of the call being booked.

CCTV images showed that a blockage had built up, largely consisting of hair and the residue from shower gels and shampoo etc.

High-pressure water jets were used to clear the blockage and to clean down the surface of the pipes to make sure that they were in the best possible condition.

Once the blockage had been cleared the standing water inside the wet room quickly drained away.

Juan Muntaner, Drain Doctor Peterborough Managing Director advised, “Don’t leave calling a plumber until your have an emergency situation, call us to sort out the problem when you first notice it so that you are not left with the headache of clearing up a flood”.

If you have a plumbing emergency call the Drain Doctor Peterborough office now on 01733 841037. Let us treat the problem and restore your plumbing and drainage system to full health.