By Mr. & Mrs. C. - Peterborough on 18/10/2016

“The team at Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage were so helpful when our sitting room flooded. Thank you for treating our plumbing emergency so swiftly.”

Mr. & Mrs. C. – Peterborough

When the Drain Doctor Peterborough office was called by Mr. & Mrs. C. of Peterborough there was no question that we needed to get to their house urgently.

Water from the hot water cylinder in an upstairs airing cupboard was pouring through the ceiling into the sitting room.

Our experienced office staff advised Mr. C. to drain the system by running all the taps in the property and flushing toilets to minimise flooding.

Mr. C. had already turned off the stop cock to isolate the water supply and was moving furniture and valuables to try to limit water damage as much as possible whilst his wife was trying to catch the floodwater in bowls and buckets.

A team of Drain Doctor Peterborough technicians soon arrived at the property and quickly worked to disconnect the defective cylinder.

Once the size and model of replacement tank had been established we were able to provide a quote to replace it, which was accepted by the homeowners.

The job was completed later the same day when the replacement tank had been collected.

At Drain Doctor Peterborough we aim to respond to all plumbing emergencies within 60 minutes of receiving a call. Our team of highly trained and widely experienced technicians will always find the most appropriate solution for all drainage and plumbing emergencies.

All our work is quoted in advance of work commencing using fixed prices from a national pricing menu, so our customers always know what their bill will be. We don’t charge call-out fees, even for call-outs in unsociable hours – that’s not the Drain Doctor way.

For all your emergency plumbing problems or for any drainage and plumbing enquiries, contact Drain Doctor Peterborough now on 01733 841037.