By Ms B. - Peterborough on 07/06/2017

“Thank you so much for sending your chap round to us today to sort out our blockage and displaced joint. He was friendly, professional, helpful, explained everything and left the place really tidy too. Very happy with the work he's done today and he deserves a big pat on the back - he's a credit to your organisation.

Based on our experience today I would definitely use drain doctor again and recommend them to anyone in need of these types of services.”

Ms B - Peterborough

Our team of service professionals was recently booked to attend a property in the Peterborough area that had recently been found to have a drain blockage caused by a displaced joint in the drain run.

Drain Doctor Peterborough staff had visited previously to clear the blocked drain with high-pressure water jets and subsequently identified the need for a drain repair during a routine CCTV survey following the treatment.

In order to realign the joint, it was necessary to excavate a small area of earth around the pipe to enable it to be relaid.

Once the trench had been dug, roots from nearby bushes were cut away. It is likely that root growth was the cause of the problem, growing close to the pipes and causing them to move slightly.

Nutrient-rich water would have been able to seep through the joint and into the soil, which in turn, would encourage more vigorous root growth and exacerbate the problem.

The Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional worked hard to ensure that the pipe had been properly realigned, the joints re-sealed and that the ground underneath it was free from obstruction.

Before the trench was backfilled and the ground reinstated, the drain run was tested to ensure that the joints were watertight and correct flow rates were observed.

Throughout the job, the Drain Doctor Peterborough staff made sure that the customer was kept fully informed of progress and was happy to answer any questions asked about the work in progress.

Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage staff are all expected to achieve 100% customer satisfaction - it is our belief that our customers are our best promotion method and that positive feedback generates interest in our services.

We are committed to being the best drainage and emergency plumbing provider in the Peterborough area and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help keep your plumbing and drainage systems in full working order.

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