By Peter A - Thurlby on 04/07/2016

“Excellent service from a professional and customer friendly company. Your technician was as good as his word and did not rest until our mystery drain problem was solved. Thank you Drain Doctor Peterborough.”

Peter A. – Thurlby

We were recently contacted by the new owner of a property in Thurlby that had had drainage problems before he moved in. Our company had carried out CCTV drainage surveys and carried out some remedial work to the drain system before the property was sold. Mr. A. told us that they were still experiencing foul odours from the drains so we arranged to return to the property and carry out another survey.

The new survey found that the drains were clear and working properly, but the Drain Doctor technician agreed that there was a smell coming from one drain hole and further investigation found that a cap was missing from an inspection cover.

Despite much searching, a suitable replacement cap could not be sourced. Not deterred, the Drain Doctor technician, Chris, tried a number of ways of adapting other caps and eventually succeeded.

Once the new cap had been fitted Chris left the property, reassuring the customer that if the replacement cap failed he would continue to return until the problem was solved.

At Drain Doctor Peterborough we pride ourselves on the high quality of our service so that our customers feel completely satisfied with the expertise of our technicians. Our reputation for always providing the most appropriate solutions to plumbing and drainage problems in the Peterborough area makes us the first choice for quality, service and value for money.