By Ms P - Huntingdon on 07/11/2016

“Amazing friendly service. Really quick to visit, no call out charge and thoroughly checked all plumbing in the house and outside drains/manhole to see where the problem was. Would definitely recommend.”

Ms P. – Huntingdon

When the symptoms of a blocked or broken drain are only seen intermittently it can lead homeowners to think that a problem is not too serious. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case.

The Drain Doctor Peterborough office was contacted by a Huntingdon resident that had been puzzled about the foul smells that she sometimes noticed coming from her drains.

From time to time, the bath and shower seemed to empty slowly but not all the time. This had been going on for some months.

Once at the property the Drain Doctor Peterborough technician talked to the customer to find out what had been happening and then carried out a comprehensive inspection of the internal and external plumbing and drainage system to investigate the problem.

Using push-rod and remote control crawler CCTV cameras where necessary the survey revealed that a section of pitch fibre pipe serving grey water from the house had become misshaped.

The inside of the pipe had started to delaminate and was bulging, creating pockets of dirty water which emitted foul smells whenever the pipes had been unused for periods of time.

The Drain Doctor Peterborough technician spoke to our customer about the findings and advised that the damaged section of pipe would need re-rounding and re-lining. On returning to the office, a quote was prepared and sent to the customer.

Our commitment to keeping customers informed and to providing a first class service is what helps to make [company] the UKs number one emergency plumbing and drainage provider.

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