By Mr. N. - Oundle on 03/10/2016

“Drain Doctor Peterborough always provide a prompt and efficient service. Their CCTV drain surveys are thorough and the reports produced are clear to understand.”

Mr. N. – Property Developer – Oundle

Drain Doctor Peterborough was recently commissioned by a local property developer to undertake a full CCTV inspection of the existing drainage system of a property in Oundle.

Using a combination of push-rod and crawler CCTV cameras, our technician surveyed the drains from each connection at the premises all the way to the property boundary.

The detailed report that was prepared categorised the findings of the CCTV survey using a simple traffic light system.

Red highlights immediate problems that require attention and amber suggests simple preventative maintenance requirements. Green is used when the system is in good working order.

A number of ‘amber’ issues were identified in the survey, where CCTV images showed that two pipes needed partial blockages removing to prevent future problems.

Upon receiving the full report from the Drain Doctor Peterborough office the customer booked an appointment to unblock the drains and carry out a descale of the system to ensure it was running at full capacity.

CCTV Drainage surveys represent a significant proportion of the work that our team of expert technicians carries out.

We use a range of high-spec CCTV cameras designed to cope with all sizes of pipework and offer a range of surveys from Homebuyer to Blocked Drain and full Drainage inspection.

All Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage work comes with a guarantee that you will never pay a penny more than the price quoted. Our pricing menu is set at a national level meaning that every Drain Doctor job costs the same regardless of our location.