By Mr. & Mrs. P. - Oundle on 13/07/2016

“If we hadn’t had a Home buyers' CCTV drain survey at the property we hoped to buy we would not have known what a state the drains were in. We would have been faced with a huge bill in the not too distant future. Thank you Drain Doctor Peterborough.”

Mr. & Mrs. P. – Oundle

A considerable proportion of the work we carry out on a scheduled basis is that of Home buyers' CCTV drain surveys. We recently carried out such a survey at an empty, older property in the Oundle area that Mr. & Mrs. P. were considering buying.

With a modern extension to the rear, the original section of the property dated to around 1850. The purchasers decided to book a CCTV drain survey due to the age of the original building. Each survey produces an 8-9 page report which details the condition of the drains and advises on any actions that are required to ensure the system is fully functioning.

In this instance, the survey revealed that large sections of the drain run had either collapsed or were badly damaged, possibly as a result of construction work when the extension was built.

As a result of the Home buyers' CCTV drain survey our customers were able to negotiate a substantial discount to the sale price of the property to cover the cost of repair work.

Not only were they happy with the money they had saved, Mr. & Mrs. P. had the added peace of mind that once all remedial work had been carried out, the drain system serving their new home was in excellent working order.

In addition to Home buyers' CCTV surveys Drain Doctor Peterborough also carries out blocked drain CCTV surveys and detailed CCTV drainage surveys. We’re committed to providing a thorough and efficient drainage and emergency plumbing service across the Peterborough area.