Need a CCTV drain survey? Drain Doctor Peterborough provide a range of surveys designed to meet all your drain inspection needs.

We use CCTV drain cameras to target the exact location of faults and to carry out thorough drain inspections, minimising the amount of digging needed. Video footage and photos taken by our CCTV drainage cameras show you the exact condition of your drains. 

Choose from our collection of CCTV drainage inspections

  • Detailed CCTV Drainage Inspections - our highest level of inspection. You get downloadable files, photos and a detailed 16-18 page report - complete with an easy to understand ‘traffic light’ chart:
  1.      1. Red -­ immediate work is needed.
  2.      2. Amber - we suggest straightforward preventative maintenance to stop a slight crisis becoming a more expensive major fault.
  3.      3. Green - the whole thing is working flawlessly, no work is needed.
  • Home Buyers’ CCTV Drainage Survey - buying a new home? Make sure it's drains are running properly with a detailed 8-9 page inspection report. Save money and get peace of mind with Drain Doctor.
  • Blocked Drain CCTV Inspections -­ we survey each drain we clean out to check the work we have done, look at your drain’s condition and alert you about any impending maintenance problems.

Drain Doctor Peterborough CCTV Surveys

Our hi-tech CCTV drainage cameras

Unlike many drain repair companies, we use high-resolution CCTV cameras on each drain clearance to check your drains are in total working order.

We have a whole range of CCTV cameras at our disposal - guaranteeing you the best possible CCTV drainage survey.

We choose the right camera for each job:

  • 50mm diameter Push Rod CCTV cameras for 100-225mm diameter drains - compact, effective cameras that can get into the narrowest spaces.
  • Remote control Crawler CCTV cameras - self-propelled cameras capable of panning and tilting to give you detailed video views of what is happening inside your drain. Ideal for 300-1,200mm pipes.
  • Handheld CCTV cameras - for manual inspections by Drain Doctors crawling inside the very largest drains. Operated by skilled technicians who have received special confined spaces training.

For comprehensive and reliable CCTV drain surveys call Drain Doctor Peterborough now on 0800 096 6556

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