By Mr B. - Grantham on 03/07/2017

“Daniel showed up on a Saturday afternoon, dressed neatly, in a vehicle with all the necessary gear and appropriate tools, with the know-how and experience to look at a complex failure/blockage (on a 32 yr old system), was courteous and driven, and ‘took care of business’!”

Mr B. - Grantham

At Drain Doctor Peterborough we actively encourage feedback from all customers to help shape our service delivery. Negative feedback is welcomed because our entire team can learn from experiences and improve the service we provide at future visits.

Positive feedback is shared across the team too - our service professionals and wider support staff are all highly motivated to be the best provider of emergency plumbing and drainage services in the Peterborough area.

Praise is just as important as constructive feedback as it motivates our workforce and ensures that customer expectations of our service are kept extremely high.

When Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional Daniel unblocked the drains at a domestic property in Grantham recently, he made sure that his work and attitude reflected the high standards that we expect of our staff.

Combining quality workmanship and outstanding dedication to resolving the problem, Daniel impressed his clients by identifying the issue causing the blockage. He treated it using high-pressure water jets, rinsed it down and inspected it with one of our high-resolution CCTV cameras.

Satisfied that the jetting treatment had cleared the blockage and cleaned the rest of the drain run, Daniel was able to report back to the client that there was no visible damage to the drain run and that the problem had been fixed.

The Grantham customer added that Daniel and Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage had shown excellence that exceeded their expectations, and that they would be sure to recommend our services to friends and neighbours.

If your property is showing signs of having a blocked drain, such as gurgling plug holes and unpleasant smells, call the Drain Doctor Peterborough office on 01733 841037.

Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage won’t let you down.