By Mr G. - Grantham on 01/06/2017

“I wish to thank you for being so prompt to my house to fix a blocked drain. The gentleman who came was great very professional and a credit to your company - nothing was too much trouble.”

Mr G - Grantham

A Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional recently visited a residential property in the Grantham area that had a problem with blocked drains.

Our staff member wasted no time in identifying the location of the blockage and began work to break it down using high-pressure water jets from a manhole cover further down the drain run.

At Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage we never use drain rods to clear a blockage as we don’t consider them to be reliable enough.

High-pressure water jets spray water at a force of 3,000psi and are very effective at quickly clearing blockages and breaking down debris within pipes.

Drain Doctor Peterborough staff always ensure that they work to unblock drains from a point further down the drain run.

The two main reasons for this are that a) drains are usually quicker to unblock from beyond a blockage and b) there is no risk of excess water building up and causing further problems flooding the property.

In this instance, the cause of the blockage was found to be linked to a buildup of fats, oil and grease. This had combined within the drains and solidified, causing offensive smells in the property and around the external drains.

Once cleared, the Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional inspected the state of the drainage system using a high-resolution CCTV camera, which confirmed that the blockage had been removed and that the condition of the pipes themselves was good.

All Drain Doctor Peterborough staff are highly trained not only in all aspects of drainage and emergency plumbing but also in the importance of customer care.

Our staff always keep customers closely informed of the progress of a job and are always happy to explain different aspects of the service that is being carried out. 

To benefit from our exceptional commitment to customer service and satisfaction contact Drain Doctor Peterborough now on 01733 841037.

We won’t let you down.