By Mr L, Sleaford on 04/01/2017

“Drain Doctor Peterborough were really helpful when we called them to unblock our drain. Friendly, helpful and reliable service. Would definitely recommend.”

Mr L. – Sleaford

Service technicians from Drain Doctor Peterborough recently attended the property of Mr L in the Sleaford area. Mr L. had noticed that the sinks in his house were becoming increasingly slow to empty and often he heard gurgling from the pipes, accompanied by foul smells.

Rather than waiting for the symptoms to get worse, Mr L. called in the professionals to fix it.

Arriving on site promptly for the appointment Drain Doctor Peterborough staff talked through the symptoms with the property owner and carried out a basic CCTV survey to establish the nature and location of the problem.

Images from the CCTV survey revealed that the pipes were becoming blocked at a junction between two pipes close to the house.

A section of pipe had become dislodged, causing the level of the pipe to change and debris within the water to collect around the obstruction.

Drain Doctor Peterborough staff used high-pressure water jets further along the drain run to clear the build-up of debris, restoring the drain’s efficiency to almost 100%. This would only be a temporary fix to the problem.

The dislodged section of pipe would require a second appointment in order to repair the break and make good the integrity of the drain. This information was relayed to the property owner, who was advised to contact the Drain Doctor Peterborough office to book an appointment at his convenience.

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We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep your plumbing and drainage system fully functional and never make a charge for call-outs. All our work is quoted for before it begins so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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