By Mr S - Spalding on 01/12/2016

“Great service, great price. The Drain Doctor Peterborough team were really professional.”

Mr S. - Spalding

The Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage office recently booked an appointment to unblock the drains at a hairdressers salon in Spalding.

Service professionals arrived at the property and undertook a thorough survey of the drainage system, using push-rod CCTV cameras to look for the blockage.

It became clear from the CCTV images that large amounts of hair and hair care products had accumulated within the drains, having washed down the sinks in the salon.

High-pressure water jets were used to break the drain blockage down and to thoroughly clean the pipework. CCTV cameras were used once more to check that the system was free from damage.

Whilst the Drain Doctor Peterborough staff were happy with the overall condition of the pipes they noticed that the pipes had become furred with deposits of scale and recommended that a full descaling treatment should be booked in the near future.

When large quantities of hair are washed into drainage systems it can quickly build up in an area of pipe that is damaged by movement or scale deposits. The hair then acts like a net catching other debris within the water.

Hair salons also use large quantities of haircare products which don’t break down well in drains. They can quickly add mass to existing blockages.

Staff at the premises were very pleased with the service that was provided by Drain Doctor Peterborough and were relieved that their blocked drains had been cleared.

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