By Mrs H - Oundle on 21/11/2016

“Your staff member was very helpful, explaining why our drain had blocked and what work needed doing. We will be booking an appointment with you to have the drain fixed. Thank you Drain Doctor Peterborough.”

Mrs H. – Oundle

At Drain Doctor Peterborough we are frequently contacted by customers who know their drains must be blocked but hope that the use of off the shelf treatments will solve the problem. In some cases such products can help but will not solve an underlying issue.

This was the case when our office received a call from an Oundle resident. Mrs H had been using drain unblocking gels every few weeks to tackle a slow running sink.

The benefits were only ever short lived and she realised that she needed professional help to unblock the drain.

Once at the property the Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional inspected the drains using a ‘look-see’ CCTV camera and quickly found that a large build-up of fats, oil and grease (FOG) had combined with other food debris to cause a significant blockage.

The DIY treatments had only softened the inner edges of the blockage and build-ups continued to accumulate within the pipe.

Using high-pressure water jets from beyond the blockage the FOG was soon broken down and flushed away.

A repeat CCTV inspection was carried out to check for an underlying cause for the blockage to have occurred. This revealed that whilst the condition of the pipe was good, it had been laid at too shallow a gradient.

The customer was told that the pipe would need to be excavated and re-laid at an angle that was sufficient to carry waste water through it and on to the main drains. Details were recorded and a quote was later sent to the customer for consideration.

Blocked drain call-outs handled by Drain Doctor Peterborough are usually treated within an hour of us arriving on site. Our service professionals are widely experienced and will keep customers informed of progress and of findings following a drain unblocking treatment.

At Drain Doctor Peterborough we are committed to providing unrivalled levels of customer satisfaction and go to great lengths to ensure that we remain the UK’s first choice for emergency plumbing and drainage.