By Mr O'C - Peterborough on 18/11/2016

“The business of a blocked toilet was not pleasant, however, your staff dealt with it quickly and efficiently. Thank you for providing such a thorough service.”

Mr O’C – Peterborough

The Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage office was called by a Peterborough resident that couldn’t unblock their toilet.

Repeated attempts to unblock the system with a rubber plunger had failed and the toilet bowl was over filling more and more with each flush.

We dispatched one of our experienced service professionals to the property who established that the householder had been cleaning the bathroom using absorbent kitchen towels and had flushed them down the toilet thinking they would flush away.

Approaching the area of the blockage from an internal drain inspection point the Drain Doctor Peterborough technician jetted the drain using high-pressure water jets which spray water at 3,000 Psi and quickly broke the blockage down.

A CCTV camera on a push-rod system was then inserted into the drain to ensure that the pipes were clear and to check for any other issues.

Images showed that the drains were in need of a descaling treatment. The scale that had built up would have contributed to the original blockage, restricting the capacity of the pipes.

Mr O’C was given a quote for carrying out the descale and invited to book a return appointment to carry out the treatment which would help to protect against future toilet blockages.

At Drain Doctor Peterborough we are proud to provide the most comprehensive drain and toilet unblocking service available. We always use CCTV cameras to check that our treatments have been successful and to provide useful feedback to our customers.

For further information or to book an appointment to unblock your toilet call Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage on 01733 841037.