By Mr. Y. - Skegness on 27/10/2016

“A very professional company. We are very impressed with the service that we have received from Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage in dealing with the blocked drain at our client’s property.”

Mr. Y. – Property Manager – Skegness

Drain Doctor Peterborough service professionals recently carried out a major drain repair to a Skegness property that had been suffering from repeated blocked drains.

After the drain was unblocked using high-pressure water jets we used CCTV cameras to undertake a thorough survey of the drains.

Images from the CCTV camera showed that a drain connection from a ground floor toilet had become displaced and was intruding in the existing pipe work.

This permanent obstruction in the pipe was causing the drains to block frequently.

Because the drainage system was under the foundations of the building, the only repair option was to re-route the external drains from the toilet by excavating and installing a new drain which would connect to the existing manhole outside.

Our customer was provided with a quote and after consulting with his client instructed us to proceed with the drain repair work.

Over the course of three days, the Drain Doctor Peterborough staff dug a trench from the external wall at the location of the toilet to the manhole cover 8 metres away.

A hole was made in the property wall to allow the toilet to be coupled to the new pipe. A new hole was also made in the drainage chamber to enable the pipe to enter the chamber and complete the re-routing of the pipes.

After checking that all connections were watertight and that the system was now working smoothly the Drain Doctor Peterborough staff worked to backfill the trench and reinstate the ground level, leaving the site in a clean and safe condition.

All Drain Doctor Peterborough service professionals are widely experienced in carrying out drain repairs. They will always use the most appropriate method to repair a drain, taking into account the nature and extent of the damage.

We like to ensure that customers are kept fully informed about the progress of all drain repair work that we carry out. The Drain Doctor Peterborough team maintain frequent contact which helps to ensure that customers are satisfied with our work.

For all your blocked drain and drain repair enquiries call Drain Doctor Peterborough for first class service at unbeatable prices. You won’t be disappointed.