By Ms. A. - Peterborough on 13/09/2016

“When our toilet blocked we panicked! Thank you for coming so quickly and sorting the problem out so efficiently.”

Ms. A. – Peterborough

When our office was contacted by Ms. A, a Peterborough resident with a blocked toilet, we could tell that she was quite distressed about the situation.

At Drain Doctor Peterborough Plumbing and Drainage, we fully appreciate the mess and inconvenience that blocked toilets can cause to a household and always aim to arrive at a property within an hour of being called.

Our highly trained service professional arrived at the property and firstly checked the toilet that was reported to be blocked. He then proceeded to check the outside chamber, which is where the blockage was discovered.

Using high-pressure water jets the chamber was unblocked and a CCTV camera was inserted to check the condition of the drains.

The blockage, which had been caused by a build-up of items such as cotton buds and wipes, had not caused any damage to the pipes themselves and they were found to be in a good condition.

Before leaving the property the Drain Doctor Peterborough service professional advised the owner about the correct disposal of the products that had been blocking the toilet.

All beauty cleaning products, nappies and sanitary items etc. should only ever be disposed of in household waste. Toilets and plumbing systems are not designed to cope with such items and the problems that they can cause if flushed away are both unpleasant and can be costly to address.

Let Drain Doctor Peterborough tend to all your emergency plumbing and drainage needs. We won’t be beaten on price and you won’t find a better service in the Peterborough area.

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